Github repositories

All software for this project is hosted on Github.

This page lists the available repositories, at the moment of writing of this documentation.

Generic repositories

Model adapter repositories

AIMMS based model adapter template repository

Repositories for simple adapters used for initial testing

  • Adapter-ESDL-Add-Price-Profile: Demo adapter that adds a price profile to an ESDL energy system. This is a ‘special’ adapter as it doesn’t call any external model, all logic is implemented by the adapter itself.

  • Adapter-ETM-Price-Profile: Demo adapter that retrieves and stores an electricity price profile from the ETM.

  • AIMMS-ESDL: Generic repository with code to create a SQL database out of an ESDL file that can be used by an AIMMS based model. This code is used by the MOTER, Opera and TEACOS adapter