ETM (Energy Transition Model)

The Energy Transition Model (ETM) is an online model which enables users to explore possible future for a specific energy system. The model is open-access, open source, web-based and interactive in its use. Through the use of sliders users can make explicit assumptions and choices about the future of their energy system based on its current situation. Currently the ETM models EU-countries and most Dutch provinces, municipalities and RES-regions. Open data is used to model these different energy systems.

The ETM is a bottom-up, simulation model. All relevant processes and energy flows are captured in a graph structure which describes all possible routes for exchanging energy between sectors and processes. All relevant sectors and energy carriers of the energy systems are also included. The ETM calculates the yearly energy balance for all energy carriers, and the hourly energy balance for electricity, heat, and hydrogen. The model is run two times, once for a start year and once for every hour of the selected future year. Based on (new) slider settings the model is rerun and supply and demand is automatically balanced on an hourly basis using a merit-module. The results include system KIP’s such as total costs and CO2 emission reduction of the modelled energy system.

For more information see: ETM Documentation